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An Invitation

An Invitation
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Colorado Fall Color Photoguide PDF FAQ's.

1. I paid via paypal and just got a white screen and no download, what is wrong?

Adobe Acrobat reader 9 or higher must be installed before download or download will abort. Certain browsers such as Safari have built in PDF readers that do not support password protected PDF's. These will not work with our photoguide.

2. The camera icons in the photoguide don't spin like the ones in the photomap, why?

This is normal, Adobe Acrobat reader doesn't support animated GIF's like a web browser does.

3. The links don't work in my photoguide, why?

Possibility one is you don't have Internet access in your location.

Possibility two is you are using a PDF reader other than Adobe Acrobat reader. Not all readers support the many features that Acrobat reader does. You must use Acrobat reader to fully utilize your photoguide. Future photoguides will even have video built in, stay tuned.

4. Goodreader acts sluggish or hangs when I read the photoguide on my Ipad.

To optimize viewing the photoguide with Goodreader on your Ipad.
Under Goodreader settings for viewing PDF files I would recommend the following.
Set Pre-cache adjacent pages to off.
Set For PDF Internet links use Safari to ON.

5. My download never did start. What should I do?

Occasionally the Pay-pal server hiccups after payment and does not vector you to the success page & download site link. Contact us via email at wyofoto_llc at for help.

Colorado Fall Color Photoguide deluxe requires Adobe Acrobat reader on Windows, OSX or Unix platforms.

Colorado Fall Color Photoguide deluxe PDF costs $9.95 USD as a download.

Works on Ipad with optional Ibooks or Goodreader Application.

Mac Safari browser users must download Adobe Acrobat reader before buying or auto download will abort.

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