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Mac Safari 64bit PDF download problems

1. It has come to my attention that the Acrobat PDF plugin does not load properly if Safari web browser is in 64bit mode on Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6. If this is the case your download will fail!

2. To learn how to fix the problem, read this link.

3. Another alternative is get the Firefox browser, which has no such problems. The Mac version of that browser may be downloaded here.
4. If this is all too technical for you, contact us via email at wyofoto_llc at , after payment, and we will gladly email your PDF to you.

Mac Ipad PDF reader problems

1. The default Ipad PDF reader does not work with password protected PDF's.
2. The version of Adobe Acrobat reader for the Ipad is horrible!
3. You must download Ibooks for free or the Goodreader PDF reader from the App store for $4.99 for your photoguide to work properly on your Ipad. You can even download the photoguide directly to your Ipad with Goodreader.
4. The photoguide will work with Ibooks, but the internal links from the camera icons to the photosites will not work. This has been fixed in Ibooks 2.
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