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Pentax 645D

Superb 645 system

In the three months I've shot my Pentax 645D it has performed superbly. It has proven to be a digital MF camera that can produce images that rival the quality of 4x5 large format film. It is capable of producing stunning 30"x40" and larger prints. It is fully weather proof and capable of meeting the field demands of diverse landscape photography environments. It is priced at a fairly reasonable $9995.

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Pentax 645D

Canon 5Dmk2

An amazing full frame digital SLR for $2500

We have owned both the original Canon 1DS and Canon 5D. The 5D was a hard act to follow. Amazingly the 5Dmk2 easily betters the original 5D. It has exceptional clarity which IMO equals the 1DSmk3. Its weakest link is the glass you use with it. Canon telephotos & macro lenses are great. IMO their wide angle glass is lacking. I've using my old Zeiss 35-70mm zoom and a new Leica 21-35 zoom for landscape work with great results.



Canon 7D

An excellent wildlife camera & backup.

The 1.6x crop factor and 18MP the 7D offers makes it IMO an excellent wildlife camera. It has a superb focusing system and 100% viewfinder, but it only costs $1595. It can shoot a very good 8 fps. Its also produces very clean images up to a speed of 400 ISO. This makes it a great companion to the 5Dmk2 for someone who shoots mostly landscape with an occasional widllife photo.




Bogen 3021 tripod

Our tried and true standard tripod. Paired with a pistol grip ball head it can be used for anything from wildlife to portraits with 35mm SLRS, medium format or even 4"x5" view cameras. We have lighter tripods for backpacking but they are limited in stability and unstable with telephoto lenses.


Nikon LS8000 Scanner

The best scanner I've ever used by a wide margin. It can scan anything from 35mm to 6x9 MF. With 8x multisample scanning it can pull rich colors from heavily saturated slides and noise free detail from the deep shadows of many sunset shots. At times I've recovered detail in 48bit mode from forgrounds that make it seem the shot must have used a split neutral density filter. See Mt Assiniboine Sunrise.

Epson 2400 photo printer

Incredible color and definition in prints up to 13"x19". This printer may be possibly spell the end of the custom Ilfochrome print trade. I've not yet talked to anyone that wasn't blown away by the quality of its output. Prints with glossy, semigloss or matte paper, properly framed and protected should last 50+ years. Amazingly this baby almost nevers clogs up!

Epson 2400

Epson 9880 photo printer

Incredible color and definition in prints up to 44" x 50 feet. I regularly make prints up to 42"x 84 " in size on my 9880. It's great and has very few nozzle clogs even in our dry climate. The non stick coating on the heads really seems to do the job preventing clogs.

The new Ultrachrome K3 ink set with vivid magenta really works well, and the color palette it produces is quite impressive. I also find B&W prints made with photo black ink on new Baryta or Epson semimatte papers are extraordinarily rich in tone.


Epson 9880
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